Rename Kanteerva Stadium to The Sunil Chettri Stadium

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So as I write this petition, Sunil Chettri just finished his 100th game for his country, rivaling even the greats of our generation, Messi and Ronaldo, in his own style and swagger. As a fan of the Indian Football team and BFC, I personally feel that Sunil Chettri has done what no other Indian has done before, taking the Indian team to the next level both as a mentor and a player himself, building up talent for the next generation by his unconditional support and helping Indians realize the true potential of Indian Football. I believe that as football fans we need to keep his will alive and I propose that we rename the Kanteerva Stadium to The Sunil Chettri stadium (any other acceptable name) as a reminder to all the kids who look up to football that with hardwork and pure commitment, anything is possible.