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Write down ALL underwater mortgages to reflect current "real" values.

Are you one of the millions of Americans who purchased your primary home during the housing bubble? The bubble that was created by the unethical and outright corrupt practices of the banks and brokers which over inflated the market to their financial advantage and gain? Did you believe in the "American dream" of home ownership only to have it undermined and eroded by the burst of that bubble and subsequent recession? Have you faithfully paid your mortgage as agreed and maybe even paid extra only to then see the equity and security of your number one life investment disappear? Do you want the banks to share that pain and suffer the repercussions for their fleecing of the American dream? Are you willing to hold back payment of your mortgage for a month or two in order to cause the banks expense, time, and revenue loss that will possibly force them to reconsider adjusting underwater mortgages? Sign this petition to make that possibility a reality the banks will have to consider. They will have to consider adjustments if everyone in America whose sick and tired of seeing their families biggest life investment disappear stops paying their mortgage for even a month or two!

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