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Fannie Mae: Don't evict a disabled man and his son as he returns from Afghanistan

John has lived in his house since 1999. He went into foreclosure in 2009 after he lost his job with the Wappingers school district after working for 17 years, became disabled, and went on Social Security Disability.

He is the parent of US Army soldier, John Jr., who is fighting in Afghanistan right now. He is scheduled to come home in January, the same time as when John is scheduled to be evicted. John would like his son to be able to come back to his real home instead of the street.

The unethical and illegal practices of big banks like Fannie Mae caused the economy to collapse in 2008, after which the banks were bailed out by public tax dollars. Not only was Fannie Mae bailed out, but they are now publically owned. Fannie Mae helped cause a crisis that has ruined the lives of millions of taxpayers, yet wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for taxpayers’ money. Instead of throwing a taxpayer and a veteran onto the street, Fannie Mae should instead offer John and John Jr. a loan modification that they can afford.

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  • Fannie Mae Director of Media and External Relations
    Andrew Wilson, Fannie Mae
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    Gillian Brown
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    Charles Schumer

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