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Remove the no script/chat format rule.

This is important because there is a group of Critics who are reporting stories and getting them deleted because of this rule. If we get this rule removed then not only are we fighting the Critics United but we will also save hundreds, if not thousands, of stories from getting deleted.

Letter to
Please remove the no script/chat format rule upon your cite. Because of it and the Critics United, thousands of stories have been deleted and thousands more are at risk. Authors have worked very hard on these stories and if you care at all about your website then you will remove that rule. I do not mean to sound threatening but you are losing more and more authors to these Critics. These Critics have been hounding on any story that goes against this rule. We, the authors of FF, ask to please get rid of that awful rule that truly has no purpose. There is no reason for it to exist. It is also a rule that no one has paid any attention to until now.

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