Make another season of SKAM

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Dear Julie Andem,
we don't want to be disrespectful to your work; we love you and we appreciate how kind you are.
With Skam you created a big international family and we will always be thankful for it.
We know and we can imagine how much hard work is behind it.
With this international petition we want you to ask if you can make a last episode or season. Just one last time.
Let us explain you why:
Skam can't end at season 4 so suddenly like this. We love it so much!
We love to see a show that finally gives voice to all the real problems this society still have and we find it beautiful how you decided to talk about it.
We love those amazing actors and how good they are. Everything look just so real!
It is not the same show. It is something new, totally original and amazing!
Everybody can see it and it is easy to understand (except when a non norvegian watchs it without subtitles. Just kidding ahah)
There is a lot to talk about and a lot of untold stories that hasn't been shown properly and that could help people as Sana, Isak, Noora, Eva's season did..And also what about the Russ? 
Please make a new season or just an episode, but please do not make it end now like that.
The real Skam is the norwegian one and we don't wanna it to be different.
Look how many we are, is there a way  or a possibility you could do a continue?
Please. We are begging you.
Thank you.
Sincerely, Skam's fandom from all the world.

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