Tell Vudu to keep the Family Play option!

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After Fandango's recent acquisition of Vudu, and despite reassurances in writing that the Vudu service would not change, Vudu just announced that on July 20th they will remove the Family Play option, which allows parents to filter out unwanted language, violence, or sexual content from PG or PG-13 rated movies.

Please sign this petition to express your support for the Family Play option and to voice concern about Vudu removing a feature that provided value to paying customers who will lose the use of part of their movie library without this feature!

One parent expressed it this way:

"Remember Fandango sending an emailing about the promise all our movies & TV shows will be safe on Vudu? That we will continue to have access to them "as always?" That "rest assured, nothing about your experience on any Vudu apps across devices will be different"? That "there will be no immediate changes to either service"? That was what we Vudu users were told on the FAQ page that we were directed to on July 2nd, after the official acquisition on Vudu by Fandango.

"Today, July 14th? Family Play feature will be removed on July 20th. 18 days later after being assured nothing of our experience would immediately be changing. Are there any plans for a comparable service? Any explanation given? Nope. I called Vudu Customer Service, and the only answer given was that Fandango decided not to continue the service. I explained that nearly 2/3rds of my entire catalog were purchased for the express reason that the Family Play feature allows my children (age three and five) to watch the Marvel Films and MANY others without fear of PG-13 content hitting their ears and eyes.

"Family Play, for our young family, was the #1 feature that I promoted to friends and family to consider purchasing movies there. We use it daily in our home (today we watched Marvel's Ant-Man, using Family Play). 

"Without Fandango planning to offer a comparable service, that recommendation to use Vudu for our family goes out the window. Some might laugh at the idea of this being a sell-able feature, but for young families that have values of limiting language/sexuality/extreme violence from young children, Family Play was the solution. Apparently Fandango didn't want to pay for the service, and is eliminating it QUICK. You may not use that service, but wait until Fandango changes features to your movie library that you have come to depend on."

Please act now to send a message to Fandango that removing Family Play from Vudu is not only a stunning disappointment to families, many of whom purchased movies on Vudu BECAUSE of this feature, but that the loss of this feature will also be a significant step backwards in the value and credibility of the Vudu service!