Change TWICE Stylist

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Since 2017 Twice style has getting worse:

1. Similar style for many comebacks: Knock Knock, Likey, What is Love?; Also uniforms for Signal and What is Love?.

2. Unadjusted clothes, wardrobe malfunction is something that happens daily;

3. The clothes aren't pleasing, not well coordinated and lack creativity;

4. Same black & white outfits for red carpets;

5. Recycling clothes and shoes too many times at big events;

6. The clothes get in their way to dance;

7. Hair stylist not fitting for their age/concept sometimes;

8. Make-up style too simple, no creativity;

9. The styling for each concept aren't being individualised, it's repetitive;

10. Individual Teasers in plain wall, weird shoots, no correlation with the concepts (i.e: candies in What is Love comeback teasers);

There was a lot of chances and feedbacks from fans to change this situation but nothing was done. We as fans will not tolerate this anymore, since We want the best for the group We demand JYP Entertainment to came with a solution for this problem and enter an agreement with us, fans.