Megan Fox to play Christina Powers!

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I am coming to people I do not know because I have a dream to fulfill a destiny. I have written the novel “Christina Powers American Goddess” and I want to ask for you to help an unknown author have his work reviewed by the actress Megan Fox. I know in my heart she is the only performer that can truly bring Christina to life on the big screen the way she is meant to be. I know its almost impossible to get someone like Megan to notice an author like me, so I have to decided to try to reach her through social media. I am asking for help from my unknown friends and anyone who may know her to please ask her to consider reviewing Christina Powers American Goddess. Ill be mailing her a copy once I get them back from the printers. So, once again I am asking for your help in making this small-town unknown author fulfill his lifelong dream of seeing CHRISTINA POWERS AMERICAN GODDESS NOW IN THEATERS!