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Famosa toy company, respect child models' rights in your advertisements

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I worked for many years in the production company where now, during the summer months, they begin finishing up the commercial shoots for the mythical ads that we will see in Famosa toy company’s next Christmas campaign. During the time I worked at Andro Studios, I participated in more than 200 television spots in which I discovered a system of work, which had been in place for more than 30 years, where the children involved in productions for Famosa and other toy companies were exploited.

Shooting for more than 12 hours straight, with tired children who could not smile naturally after eight hours in the studio, they were made to repeat and repeat takes until they just couldn´t stand it anymore. Many were sent home after countless hours simply for messing up a shot. If they said they were tired, they were immediately changed for another ... or another. For many of these minors, it was their first experience modeling, and they would enter a giant and dark set and would be asked to stand in front of a camera, without any warm up, without trying to make them feel comfortable. They were not treated how children should be treated.

This is why we ask Famosa toys to add in the "our values" section of their company and their website, the legal protection of the rights of children working in their spots and in the photographs that appear on their packaging or catalogs.

Sign this petition asking that Famosa adopts a real commitment to respect the maximum working hours per session, defined by the law, that they receive a respectable wage and appropriate compensation for a minor’s image rights.

From my personal experience, I know that these endless shoots have the sole purpose of saving costs. Boys and girls whom the team entertains and tries to cheer up because their parents are not allowed to enter the set.

No child was registered with Social Security. None worked with prior authorization from the Ministry of Labor.

Children and their parents did not usually protest in 70% of cases. How could they? They were going out on TV and could boast about their friends. And that for many parents makes up for everything.

70% of the children and their parents did not protest. How could they? They were going to be on television and could boast about it with their friends. And this was enough for many of the parents.

Sign this petition asking that Famosa adopts the commitment defined by law, that minors can not work more than 5 hours a day and that they should always be together with a close family member.

Famosa, It is you and the production company who have to abide by the law. Your company lives on the work of these children, the least you can do is respect their rights by paying them respectable salaries and image rights!

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