Hormone free contraception

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Here in Australia we only have one hormone free option of contraception (besides the obvious abstinence or condom; which can fail), the copper IUD. This is only available to those who have previously had a child.

We need the option of diaphragms and spermicide (and any other hormone free contraceptives I may not be aware of!). This will help lower teen pregnancy, lower obesity from synthetic hormones, lower mental health issues from synthetic hormones (Australia hands out depression drugs more than most other countries); Also Australia is fast growing it's awareness in natural hormone free foods and natural products so why not allow us natural contraceptives which directly affect our health just as much, arguably more than hormone/chemical foods. 

I feel cornered and forced to have a hormonal contraceptive which disagrees with my body, because of Australia's lack of choices. 

Please join me to allow all Australian's more choice in controlling their lives!