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N.S. Justice Minister: Please meet with the parents of Clayton Miller for at least 1 hour.

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Recent evidence shows that on Saturday, May 5, 1990, Cape Breton Search & Rescue conducted a search of the brook in which Clayton Miller's body was found on Sunday, May 6, 1990... and found no body. This evidence consists of a 1 hour video-recorded interview with the gentleman who co-ordinated the search, in which he explains that the search included the area where the body was found, the following day.  Many others have come forward, and stated that they were also in the area on Saturday, where the body was found on Sunday... yet, they saw no body.

The government's version of what took place in the death of Clayton Miller, describes him running from New Waterford Police when they raided an outdoor party on Friday, May 4, 1990, and falling into a small brook... where he remained with his face submerged in the water, until he died of hypothermia. This allegedly happened despite their contention that Clayton's body showed no signs of injury (so, no reason to become unconscious), and without Clayton inhaling any water into his lungs.

The Justice Minister of Nova Scotia refuses to order any further investigation into Clayton Miller's death, and claims that two reports released in 2015 by N.S. Government agencies have covered all aspects of the case... while, in fact, both reports are filled with drastic inaccuracies, and misleading information that has been passed on as factual.  At no time since the release of these reports has anyone from the N.S. Government granted the Miller family an opportunity to voice their concerns regarding that content of the reports which does not match with factual evidence... despite being told on the day that the reports were released, that there would be a meeting the following week to discuss the reports, which would allow time for the Millers to digest the contents.

The parents of Clayton Miller have done an incredible amount of investigation on their own, and have organized hundreds of pages of evidence to support their position, from within the RCMP, Cape Breton Regional Police, and Nova Scotia Health Authority files, which consist of over 20,000 pages. These files were withheld from the family for over 25 years, and are very heavily redacted.

After fighting for over 27 years to acquire justice for their only son, the family of the late Clayton Miller are asking for 1 hour with Nova Scotia Justice Minister, Mark Furey, to discuss the evidence in this case.

Please click the link below to read my letter to Justice Minister Furey, and also see the video of the interview with Bryan McDonald of Cape Breton Search and Search, which is attached in an update.

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