Please help me in fighting and correcting a very prejudiced racial fraudulent biased court

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Please help me in fighting and correcting a very prejudiced, racial, fraudulent and biased court process. That has real accountability in the voices representing our young children and all the associated parties to the proceedings.

Everything I have tried to get out in my grandsons trial they didn’t want to know about, regardless that my grandson father Is a dangerous violent man, They swept all this evidence under the carpet.

Four yrs later we are back in court because he strangled & head butted his heavily pregnant girlfriend & held up her 7 year old son by the throat up against a fence, A professional was a witness to this abuse.
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE again, He did the same thing to my daughter, Instead of being punished for what he has done,
''They'' the system rewarded him with my grandson. I have always protected my grandson & I am never allowed to see him nor speak to him again, A murder or a sex offender still get to spend time with their children, I was my grandsons PROTECTOR. I had raised him since birth.

I am a half cast aboriginal & the Independent children's lawyer said to me, & I QUOTE.... It was the worse mistake I made by saying I was aboriginal, I will amount to nothing & get nothing, (I got nothing). She then later walked over to the father & said, She's is going to playing on her aboriginality, He was heard to say... My son is no BLACK C**T.  I had to represent myself in a 3 day trial & I had no idea of what kind of bullies I was up against.  I was belittle, intimidated, discriminated, & laughed at, Not just by the ICL but by judge too, I was being brutally attacked, & people who were there were crying & wanted to yell out STOP IT. it's was bias.

The abuse ín the court did upset me a bit, But they forgot, I was once in the system, I had to learnt to make pain my friend.... We were brutally abused in care.

The ICL NEVER acted Independently for my grandson, She fought & worked hard for the father. The judge wasn't happy that we both had no legal representation, But the ICL told the father not to stress, His got her.

I am a forgotten Australian & a stolen gen, I was a ward of the state & told my story to the royal commission as to what had happened to me whilst in care. I was made to answer the question in the federal family court, Why I was seeing the royal commission... I didn't want to answer, but like I said, I was made to, & because I did the ICL made it look to the court I was a predator NOT a victim.

I didn't know about the royal commission's privacy act, But when I saw the royal commissioners & told them what had happened they did nothing to help me.

I am a voice for children, I help people everyday with domestic violence, mental health & drug & alcohol. I don't get paid for what I fight for & money is nothing, Saving lives to me is everything.


Please help me expose the truth & save our vulnerable.

I have tried to contact anyone & everyone... brave heart's didn't want to help either, nor did the ABC 4 corners, I have a page full of people who have just ignored me or are to scared to do my story. Including going government right to the pope & queen.

Looks like I might have to go the way of youtube.

Thank you all for our support.