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I want what was promised . So many of us gave babies to couples promising the world !

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17 years ago a teen single mother of twins ,I found myself in trouble again ! My family wasn't very supportive I was nothing but a drain ! So I went to Jacksonville FL and met and attorney who refused to take my baby and find her a home because she was biracial and not worth as much as a white baby ! Broken we started a prayer chain ! Years ago when I lived in NJ I went to a church , I was a kid ! This church had a pastor and his wife who had adopted two kids one was a girl born without a uterus ! She was a few years older then me . But years later I'm pregnant and she's on the other end of a call ! God it felt had brought us back together ! She and her hubby made me a promise and my mom that anything I wanted or needed they were fine with . I told them the entire time I just knew I needed pictures and videos and updates ! But if I wanted to see her they would allow it I could be aunty to her as mommies best friend ! Not long before the adoption truths strated to come out. The house my family had gone to see for me was actually the church home for the pastor ! I let that go ! After all owning a home don't make you a better suited parent ! Needless to say once papers were signed it became very obvious I was being cut out ! Then the judge sent out a request ! He felt they had gotten my daughter way to easy to cheap and felt they had stolen or paid me for my child so he requested proof they paid for my counseling ! To get me to lie to the judge and say her preacher father counseled me they signed papers promising my videos and pics and updates ! But when the judge signed off they cut me off ! No pictures except what my mother can get off the adoptive grand parents ! Hadassah's law ! What's promised is kept ! Open adoptions legal and enforced by courts ! There are no laws to protect  the birth mom's ! I didn't take my baby back ! I kept my word and courts will make sure I do , why not them too ? So many people going through this ! No more lies to take babies ! I would have found a family who would have kept their promise ! Pictures and videos and updates are NOT to much to ask for giving them a child ! I made an 18 year promise and I have kept it ! No I don't want to take away children and mess up adoption , it's suppose to be beautiful! I just want birth parents to not be lied to and the courts back them up !! As a birth mother I am warning you there is no such thing as open adoption the courts DO NOT honor the promises made to you even if you put it in writing ! The courts have to recognize this injustice ! If I lie to take ownership of something the court convicts me of theft by deception! Is this not that ?

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