Let’s change the family law system for father’s who suffer from parental alienation!

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I want to change the way the family law courts of Australia handle the right towards father’s to have thier children. Parent alienation-towards father’s mainly, is a big problem and men suffer from the lies and not seeing thier children. The lies some women say in court against the man should be dealt with accordingly! We need more judges in courts. I was told from a family law lawyer that it could take me 5 years pay up to $45,000 and might only get a weekly visit. You need to pay to see your kids and it’s disgusting. Men hide thier emotions and suicide from men is at a all time high. I basically think the courts side with mothers when most of the time it’s them that are the bad parent. 

I currently have not seen my son in 1 year now and I have been blocked out of the family. I have done nothing to deserve this heartache and to be honest it kills me inside. I’m afraid of the courts siding with the mother as there are no court orders in place at this time. I would just like to see how many people support this and who is affected.


The solution would be more judges in family law to help the backlog of cases from years ago.

Home visits to the parents. 

Help in co parenting.

Many things need to change on this subject.

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