Bring my babies home!

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My name is Samantha Honnery and I am a mother of two beautiful little boys. Bayden is 5 years old and Caleb is 17 months old. Family and Community Services have taken my babies from me although I am a good loving Mother. FACS have told me I am a good Mother but did not keep my babies safe from the domestic abuse of my ex-partner. I had been in a relationship with my ex-partner who is the father of my children since I was a young teenager. My ex-partner became addicted to drugs approximately 6 years ago and soon became abusive toward me. At this point I was not yet a Mum and tried all that I knew to make him see his wrong doings. I fell pregnant with my first child and decided to go home to my Mum before the baby was due to be born as my ex-partner was not changing for me or our unborn child. I lived with my Mum until Bayden was 16 months old and found a lovely home for Bayden and myself in the same suburb as my Mother. Baydens father was arrested for his own wrong doings a week after Bayden was born therefore Bayden did not have a father in his life for 3 years. The father was released from jail and was doing well, he looked healthy and wanted to be a father to his son. In this time, we decided to be a family, I fell pregnant with Caleb and we decided to move to Raymond Terrace as it was best for the type of work Baydens father does as he did not have a car license. Since moving there things began to change, my ex-partner started taking drugs again and become abusive toward me once again. I made numerous calls to the Police in this time. I asked and begged him for myself and our children to leave on numerous occasions but he would always re appear. FACS had informed me that I must contact the police if he returns otherwise I was putting my boys at risk I had no phone and no options as to how I would contact the Police when he showed up again late at night on 10th July 2017 Facs were completely aware of me not having a phone. At 7.30am on 11th July 2017 the Police came to my house and arrested him. Approximately 4 hours after the arrest, I had attended a family members home where FACS and a number of Police officers showed up and took my babies from me. Why have my babies been taken from me when I am not the unsafe person. The unsafe person had already been taken away and put in jail but they still took my babies. The children and family members in the home at the time become distraught as did I. The way this was handled was wrong and have put fear in the childrens hearts. My young nephew would spend Friday nights with his Grandparents and is now deeply scarred due to the events that took place on the 11th July, he is Autistic and has Aspergers and is absolutely petrified to go to his Grandparents home, as he is afraid of being taken. He has not spent the night or wanted to be there since that day. My 5 year old son is petrified of Police now and the FACS woman (my caseworker) as he thinks every time he sees the Police they are coming to take him and his brother away. My case worker from FACS has said I needed to be taught a lesson as I shouldn’t have allowed him in the house and now they are wanting to test me spending a couple of hours with my own children, how can this be I am a good Mother, FACS has told me and my Mother I am a good Mother. There is nothing anywhere to say that I am an unfit Parent. I am being treated like the Perpetrator not the Victim. I was a victim of Domestic Violence and am currently completing the DV course and many others as I need and want my children back with me. Yes, this course will be good for me but I could fulfill this with my children in my care.
Why were my boys taken after the unsafe person was arrested and put in jail? He will be in jail for at least a few months, why not help me get away from here and not break up a family which is good – Mother and Children. Why take my children and put them in care with someone else. The Carers condition was to NOT inform the father where the boys are residing as FACS had stated to the carers numerous times that he was a danger to the children and that is why my babies were removed, yet 6 Days later my case worker informed him of their whereabouts. The courts took his parental rights away and FACS took my kids due to his abuse but then told him where they are, and told me they couldn't come home as he is aware of where I live. The Carer is a family member and I am grateful my boys are there and not with a stranger but now I am concerned, why aren’t my kids with me where they are safe, their father is in jail where he cannot come back to my home. The Carer told FACS (my caseworker) when picking up the children the father and his father under no circumstances are to know where they are. The Carer has had violence toward her by both parties in the past, this was all explained to my caseworker who took it upon herself to advise my ex-partner and father where my boys are. All duty of care has been broken. The reasoning behind taking my children, due to his violence and abuse and the court took his parental rights away but my caseworker still told him although concerns for safety were communicated seriously to her. Her duty of care has not been met. My boys have been taken due to this person and now he knows where they are, causing distress and safety issues to the Carers home where my boys have been placed. How dare this happen in Australia. How dare this happen to families that try to make it better, I am not the Perpetrator here, I am the Vicitim where is my SUPPORT. I have been advised by my case worker “If my ex-partner was to do the right thing in 2 years we could all be living together again. How dare she say that to me when he is the reason I lost my babies. It was a toxic relationship that I want no more to do with. All I want and need are my boys. I am currently pregnant and am finding the stress, heartache, the running around I am doing to get my kids back, the continuous thoughts and craving to cuddle my boys keeps me awake, I feel this impacting my health and can only hope it doesn’t hurt my unborn child. The Carers are very upset and cannot believe FACS could break the circle of trust and Safety. All of this has been voiced to FACS and the response from my caseworker was “Sorry I am only human” this is not an acceptable response from a FACS worker. How dare she respond in this way, what is done cannot be undone. FACS have taken my babies form me (the safe person) and told the perpetrator (the unsafe person) where my boys are which has now caused problems, the Carers have now been both involved (by FACS caseworker) in this vicious cycle. What happens now?
Family and Community Services has broken their duty of care to me, to my boys and to their Carers. Now where is the Safety FACS speak of.