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"It is unacceptable, unjust and offensive to tax Family Homes in a modern Democracy."

  • Italian voters have scrapped their hated Tax on Family Homes in Dec 2015


No EU Government has a mandate (consent from voters) to tax Family Homes. By signing this petition the Petition Letter below is emailed to Government Political Parties)


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Your Irish TD has given the Revenue Commissioners the power to take the Local Property Tax (Tax on your Family Home) from:-

  • - your bank account
  • - your pay 
  • - your welfare payments
  • - your pension
  • - your family, when you die.
  • - your Medical Expenses Refunds

You know you live in a dangerous country when ......  "The rights of the State come before the rights of the citizen."


Life Essentials should not be directly taxed in modern Democracies:-

  • - Food,
  • - Water,
  • - Air,
  • - Shelter (family homes),
  • - Personal mobility (Cars ..),
  • - Children's cloths,
  • - Sanitation
  • - Healthcare
  • - Education

..... only you the voter has the power to make these changes.


Family Homes are not:-

  • - Wealth - they don't earn revenue streams to pay the tax. 
  • - Financial assets - can't liquidate them to pay the tax - no where to live.
  • - Property, unlike land > 1 acre, including farm land which is NOT Taxed!

Family Homes are where families live with their kids.

Legitimate and just Taxes are those which have the support and consent of the electorate. This Home "Tax-Rent" LPT Law does NOT have the support or consent of the Irish electorate.

This Home Tax Law is offensive, regressive and exploitative. It is anti family.


  • Tax bank financial transactions (FTT). 
  • Tax wealth (potential revenue stream or disposable assets).
  • Tax spending on non "Life Essentials."
  • Tax spending on non basic services.
  • Tax profits to 12.5%.
  • Tax above basic income (living wage).

(Paying Tax on homes "people own" is paying Rent to a Government Landlord! .. now greedier than the bankers)


We elect TDs and Senators and MEPs to represent our interest NOT the interest of lobbies (e.g banks and other financial predators)


Many in Negative Equity yet "elected" TDs want to Tax Homes!

€16.8 billion (15.1%) in arrears in Irish residential mortgage debt and TDs try to tax homes?. Enormous purchase tax (Stamp Duty) was already paid on these homes. Another anti-social tax.


Unjust Enrichment : (see Canons of Taxation) 

We do not accept paying Tax on our Homes to be used for:-

  • paying off the bad debts of private companies i.e. Banks. 
  • propping up banks pension funds, bonuses and inflated salaries.
  • pay increases to Government employees when 300,000 in the private sector had to emigrate.


Arbitrary Seizure of property by the State:-

  • - by levy of this Tax-Rent with no consideration for inability to pay.
  • - deferral if people can't pay, until they die, and then take it from their families.
  • - force people to sell their homes so that some wealthy person can buy them!


Bankocracy NOT Democracy!

Europe looks more like a Bankocracy or Taxocracy NOT a Democracy!

Hollande, the President of France called the banks the "real enemy". Is he right?


The internet opens the door to Direct Citizen Democracy.

"You can vote now to instruct your TD on how to vote in the Dail"

You don't have to wail 'till the next election!

Change this Irish Government Local Property Tax Law by signing this ePetition.


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  • Minister for Finance, Ireland
    Michael Noonan
  • Fine Gael HQ.
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  • Leader Fianna Fail
    Michael Martin TD
  • Independent Alliance TDs
    Shane Ross TD
  • Social Democrat TDs
    Catherine Murphy

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