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Family, friends, loved ones, every one: Sign this petition to support a young man fighting for his release

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This petition focuses on a young man named Aza Krystopher Ellington; my twin brother. There are a lot of young individuals incarcerated for ridiculous amounts of time which do not fit the crime. This cause is important because no young men should be looking at a lifetime commitment in prison without probable cause; murder, rape, fraud, sexual abuse, "etc." This young man has not committed any of these crimes. What started off as a juvenile theft charge at the age of 17 turned into much more. I may have given the impression that the criminal system has final say so in this matter but it is infact the medical system with the final word. From mediocre mental facilities, to sharing a cell with convicted murderers; this young man has been through hell. From fighting for his life, to becoming ill day after day from eating garbage; hasn’t he experienced enough punishment? Residing hundreds of miles in a mental prison away from any and everyone he has ever known in his life; I would personally go crazy... This young man, my twin is now 23 years of age and was finally granted a court date which will provide closure; February 7th 2013 in which my family and I are praying for his release. Sign this petition to help this young brother start his life as an adult since his adolescent years were taking from him. For more info on the matter email me or my father... and thank you for your time...


further info:


Attention Community!


Assigned Power-of-Attorney for Aza Krystopher Ellington


This statement serves as “official” complaint in part and statement of fact:


            The purpose and intent is to respectfully request “investigation” inquiry into the case of Aza K Ellington. Moreover to offset a civil commitment for the rest of his life: residing at North-East District Federal Medical Center.


Location: P.O. Box 1601 Butner N.C. 27509


            Following is a mini-disclosure that at the least warrants grave concern for human-rights and moreover ‘due process of law.”


1.      Merciless beating while in federal custody here in North-East District; St. Joseph Co. Jail/South Bend, IN. Occurred Jan 1, 2011.


2.      Continuous solitary confinement which hampered and injured him; causing additional mental damage. Not only was this a human rights violation, but also a hazardous and malpractice of the medical sort. Aza has been denied essential medical treatment in countless situations. The most serious being the demand/request after the 2011 county jail beating, to warden of facility. It was for a comprehensive neurological exam. It was denied and was transferred to the adjacent county (Elkhart).




Tremendous hardships have resulted in this legal process. It is our hope that no young human being whom is mentally challenged will ever experience such an awesome world of despair;


Lack of resources, treatment denial, denial of education, facilitated neglect, force deterioration and virtually many other atrocities. From facility to facility substantion abuse has been rendered!


Goal: all concerned could possibly meet to establish at committee at large to advocate and assist in virtual crisis for minority challenged persons.


3.      Destruction/loss of properties. (St. Joe Co). Substantion money losses, clothing, expensive books, photos, ‘etc’ supposedly Atty. Robert Truitt made inquiry to no availability. He has yet to be made “whole”. Lost estimated at $500.00


4.      Police reports contain damaging so-called facts that warranted exspungement. Request to P.O. Robert Truitt was acknowledged but deniably not pursued. Hence forth remained for lack of poor discovery! Results summarily to date caused crucial and adverse Due-Process.


5.      Aza Ellington has suffered the most unimaginable trauma. On his behalf and at his request and immediate investigation of all of the aforementioned is fully warranted. There are other matters of concern respectfully in need of attention.


In close Aza’s Silence in court hearings, evaluations, and other areas have been crucially inaccurate namely because of his obedience to his father/P.O.A. he basically discloses no information in defense  of self due to in part fear, understanding, and need of his advocate. This is known by all parties and also was part of court resolution.






(Note: please be advised that Aza basically will fully-disclose inner-most information more importantly of the sensitive mature matters with my presence respectfully: this is crucial)



            In conclusion please in part support our efforts in vouching for Aza’s safe return to ideally a group home here locally. Inquire as to why Prosecutor Frank Schaefer in support of our own public defender Robert Truitt welched on agreement to dismiss cause in order for Aza to be placed locally.




            In addition send inquiries respectfully to:

             Office of Attorney General

            The Honorable Erick Holdermaix

            Civil Rights Division

           950 Pennsylvania Ave N.W.

            Washington D.C. 20530

            Office: 202-514-2001

            Fax 202-307-6777



          Honorable Joe Donnelly

          U.S. Rep. (non senate)

          Washington D.C. Local: 574-288-2780

          Thanks in advance to each and every one of you for your help and support….


God bless you all


The Ellington Family


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