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Help loving caring dad get full custody away from unfit drug addicted mother

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About almost 2 years I was given a blessing from God. I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. It's been quite the experience to say the least. I've taken care of everything I'm suppose to do. Which is way I'm confused why I'm even the position I'm in. As man of the household I've tried to always think of what's best for my family. With that in mind I've tried to put who is now my ex girl friend on the right track. What I mean by that is change for the better and for the sake of our family. She has a terrible drug problem that she is in denial about. She depends on  marijuana for everything. She smokes as soon as she wakes up before meals to go to sleep and for a better mood. It doesn't help she does all this in front of my daughter. To make things worse she calls me controlling for trying to convince her to quit. To mask the smell in the apartment she lights numerous incents,candles and goes as far as spraying strong scented chemicals in the air all while my baby is present. To add more to the story she is also very disrespectful and physically abusive. I've come to my breaking point and  pursuing full custody. When my mind was made up she assualted me in public at a gas station while my dad and daughter was present thank god it was caught on camera. I will be pressing charges and just want the best for my daughter which is why I won't be content until she is in better hands with her father. I haven't been able to see her in almost a month because she is keeping her away from me. Please Help Dayanara Rose Munoz get a better life by bringing her to environment that is drug free and away from violence and where she is able to receive the love and care she deserves. 

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