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Speaker Ryan address Justice Reform

Patricia McKnight
Breese, IL, United States

Feb 10, 2016 — If you believe.....
We have a duty to give our youth a better world than what they have to face everyday right now. Working as community teams, we can stop all types of crime while also teaching our youth to be neighborhood protectors as well. Everyday we have the same types of crime in the police blotters, even crimes of assault, battery, criminal sexual assault reported concerning a neighbor or a friend. These don't just happen in the homes where the police are called to respond, but even more tragic is where it happens in silence, terror, control and no one ever knows it happened at all.

Tragically our human society has a level of tolerance when it comes to what we will and will not accept in our homes; each as different as we are individually. Millions of us know this life, and millions of us know someone who is having to live in a home like this. More often then not, these types of harms happen to young children (0-15 yrs old) (some everyday, some two or three times a week, some once a month)- but they just continue to happen. It might happen just once, and help was provided right away, but you will never be the same wonderfully happy, safe in your life creation you were before it happened ever again. We have years of documented studies about what happens the first time, what happens to our psyche and brain development when it happens over and over again; but we still remain silent and abandon the victim to deal with it however they can. It is actually a written law in and of itself that when a person has knowledge about harm to another person and fails to report that harm, they themselves are protecting an offender from justice. Even many professionals who are trained in how to respond to these crimes, still day after day, week after week, year after year, with as many people who pass through that family circle, absolutely no one ever says a word regardless of how severe the crimes might be.

Our statutes of prosecution, allowing young victims time to grow, find help, figure out the destructive path influenced by society's refusal to hear their cries, to see their bruises, to suspect too much sexual knowledge and play activities appropriately considered for their age; these victims will NEVER have any form of justice, regardless of how many people knew or witnessed some of the most horrific attacks and injuries. In our individually accepted tolerance of violence, harm, terror and torture; sharing our young kids simply because - WHO IS EVER GOING TO TELL?

There is NO JUSTICE for these safety now and no rescue in sight....

Mothers, especially young mothers, have been taught in the lack of help provided for them years ago; this is how life is and they need the financial help of the person harming her children. I've known young mothers who not only teach silence and secrets, but they completely ignore the torment inside their child. Society turns away because it is a very dark place, addressing the problem of harm inside our family, especially when it is as brutal as some I've heard these last few years.

Tolerance of family offenders has been accepted by every generation. It is a disease of human crimes which causes grievous negative effects in the perceptions of life. Victims become more withdrawn; shame being the greatest cause. They have been told over and over, they should fear someone finding out because it is their blame; their shame, others will condemn them, abandon them. When a person feels shamed, blamed, ignored, abandoned in a circle of pain and fear; this is when they look for the drug that will ease their pain. They look for the Gang that will be their family, tough and protective. The Gang Family will only protect when the child gives their share to help the family. Young girls, ages 10 or 11, are the sexual sacrifice or the house labor to care for everyone else. They each boys and girls have to give something in order to have the Gang Family protect them. Now they are taught and ordered into all types of criminal behavior; violence, drugs, weapons, murder.....

We set a path of depression, fear becomes the constant anxiety, and when their behaviors become violent or disruptive in school we punish them and condemn them, but we never want to see what happens inside their closed door. The silenced battered or raped, shared or tortured child becomes the adult criminal tomorrow. They become hateful towards others, perhaps wounded emotionally so severely they don't even realize how misguided they are and will never see how it then affects their children, their partners, their life.

The best possible gift we can pass to our own next generations is the basic teaching to all persons, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, economic, or residence location; we are all human, we are all given the highest law of mankind as written in part by Ms. Eleanor Roosevelt; every human being has a right to be SAFE, free from harm & free from the fear of harm. This is written in our Universal Declaration Of Human Rights. We have an American Constitution with Civil Liberties & the right to be protected under the law, without regard to any demographic of mankind. When we can stop crime inside our homes, we have a greater power to stop crimes in our neighborhoods, our schools, and around the world.

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