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Let children have a voice of their own

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My name is penny and I’m 14 years old, I’ve made this petition because being one of the many affected children who are suffering from the aftermath of a divorce I know what it is like to not be heard. Whilst there are injustices in the family court systems over which parent should have the child after divorce, hundreds of children aren’t having their voices heard. Whilst children apparently don’t “have” opinions and everything is said for them they are suffering from decisions that were made for them. Like being forced into custody of a parent that is against their will and choice. I have made this petition because I am one of those many voices that are being ignored and pushed aside. And I want that to change not just for me but for every child in the world who is being forced into a dangerous environment and not being protected from an abusive relationship like I was in. Constantly being afraid around a parent, having panic attacks at every sign of them and wanting to lock yourself and get as far away from them is not what a parent should make a child feel. Scarring them to a point of where they are afraid of loud noises, flinching for no reason and hurting them to a point where they never want to be near the parent again is never right. That’s what my family is being put through, an abusive parent demanding to have sole custody over 2 children including me and my 11 year old sister. Upon signing this petition I hope that the justice system for children in the world changes and gives all children a voice of their own and a chance to be heard.   For all children out there who aren’t protected from these relationships they suffer and I wish they didn’t have to. Please if you have a minute or 5, please sign this petition and let’s make a difference

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