To save my baby get him home ��

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  • d/v  relationship now I'm in a healthy relationship
  • We are loving caring responsible parents we attend to all of kodys needs he was a healthy 7lb 8oz breastfed for first five days before he was born I started courses they asked me to do I have fully cooperated with professionals
  • I have had 5 different social workers involved in my case giving me different answers which ain't fair
  • I have 8 hours a week with him in a contact centre I miss out on so much his nan visited him in hospital and social now say she can't see him 
  • He has now ended up poorly with the flu and had ten fits where he stopped breathing and got took into hospital it should be me taking care of him and I had to sit in doctors with foster carers to be with him when he had injections its like I can't be trusted with my son I adore him they are saying my childhood as affected me when it hasn't and It hasn't affected my parenting either I start my last course Thursday 18 Jan until march and 6th of march court rules the final option adoption or home
  • Me and damion have a very strong bond/relationship with kody he's our everything we want him to have the childhood I missed out on 
  • I'm getting punished for my parents mistakes
  •  I havent been given chance its cruel its making me depressed but I'm on meds they need to concentrate on families that are. Neglecting or physically sexually or mentally abusing there kids I want my son to have the childhood I didn't have  I had my childhood robbed off me I want him to have his family and to be loved and spoilt not growing up in care system being adopted calling a stranger mum the thought of that breaks my heart xx
  • I was mentally physically and sexualy abused as a child my father failed and so did my mother as they took me to there male friends house and made exposing comments about my body changing and in the same house the male friends son masturbated in front of me my brother was locked in a room when autistic and its dangerousdangerous we got slippered on our hands as a punishment writing lines being given fags and alcohol to use at ten taking me to a house and pulling my panys down to slap my bum in front of his friend so I was exposed to his mate looking at my genitialia  l i overcome my abuse after counseling and my brother is on voice recorder admitting he can remembered it all

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