To have Sole custody of my children

To have Sole custody of my children

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Started by Amelia Hall

Hi, the purpose of my petition is to be heard. My children and I will no longer suffer in silence. My children need to stay in my care and the only way I can go about it is to make as much noise as possible. Please sign & share � my children deserve a happy stable life with me. I've managed to care for my children for 8, 7,and 2 years without support & they have thrived. Social services are asking for separation of my children due to future emotional harm (basically mystic megs) . I have been accused for 2 years of emotionally neglecting my children because I continued a relationship with the perpetrator of abuse. I have been belittled and forced to believe I must have abused my children. When the reality is, going to the police for help results in a vist done to social services and then they escalate it to care proceedings. I knew I could possibly lose my children if I tried escaping from the abuse. In 6 months of being in Foster care I have ceased all contact from the perpetrator and have not been in a relationship with it since late April 2021. I've also completed the assessments which have been asked of me & a course on parent and children's emotions. My GP and mental health record clearly state I'm distressed at the thought of being without my children. What would happen if you took a lion cub away from its mother? What do you think the natural instinct would be to protect that cub? I am very much intuned with my motherly instinct & my children's emotional wellbeing. I have never once neglected or abused them in their entire lives & there is no evidence to suggest that I have. 

The social services have not once in 2 years offered any DV therapy,courses, programmes etc. So it was a case of "don't do it again Milly" then off you pop. No victim of domestic abuse should be accused of abusing their children unless there is evidence to suggest otherwise.


In 2011, there were 32,739 children involved in disposals of public law cases, including 31,515 orders made, 792 applications withdrawn, 350 orders of no order and 72 orders refused.

Only 72 care orders refused out of 32,739 cases !What chance do these poor parents have in our hopelessly prejudiced “family courts”?

Children Homes data pack 2014 –
 Using the data collected and approach adopted this year we estimate that the average cost of residential care provision per child per week is around £2,900 !!

Assessments will have been carried out mainly by social workers. For social workers in statutory children and family teams there is no doubt that ‘child protection’ dominates every aspect of their work. Despite there being no significant rise in the number of children who die as a result of parental abuse or neglect, risk of abuse is assumed to be high.

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Please make some noise for my babies and all the other innocent parents and children going through this. 



213 have signed. Let’s get to 500!