All Parents Have Rights

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We need changer here in MN ASAP.  The counties in MN have gone rogue and are taking children at a rapid rate.  They are also dismantling families by not allowing equal parenting.  The Family Court System is a business here targeting MN families.  If you don’t think it will happen to you guess again.  Your tax dollars are funding these programs that take these children.  
Do your own research.

We need to start holding the government in MN accountable.

Rep Jamie Becker-Finn 651-334-2154 is her cell phone.  She will not even have a hearing on shared parenting and also wants more people to report to CPS to fund the program.  Call her email her anything.  


So if CPS takes a child from one parent why do they not go to the other parent?  Why are they not allowed to go to family?

Lets join in these causes and make a change here in MN.