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Give fathers more access to their children

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Fathers spend months, years and thousands of dollars fighting for the right to have access to their children. In most cases they aren’t even granted equal access. The level of frustration, heartbreak and disappointment these fathers feel can be enough to either stop them from fighting because they feel they aren’t being treated fairly and they wonder what the point is or cause them to develop depression and make them feel as though they should end their life. No one should be driven to that point.

Fathers with no criminal record, history of violence or abuse, etc should have equal access to their children. The decision should not be solely up to the mothers and judges when they do make this decision should take the whole situation into account not just assume a child should be with it’s mother.

I have heard from multiple fathers who have spent anywhere from $10,000 to $60,000 to fight to see their children and are still only granted 20% access or none at all. That money could be spent on the child and their future. Some fathers are made to pick up their children at police stations like criminals when they’ve done nothing wrong.

Mothers who have criminal records, are able to violate court orders without any consequence and who don’t even deserve full access to their children are winning every day and it’s time for a change! They use lies, manipulation and their children as weapons to get what they want at any cost without actually stopping to think about the most important person/people in all of this, their child/ren. Is it in the best interest for the child to be kept from a father that actually wants to see them and has no valid reason not to? No, it’s in the mothers best interest to hurt him as much as possible and then the child grows up wondering why daddy doesn’t want to see them because of the lies they’ve been fed. These are the type of mothers that don’t deserve the rights they have yet the fathers are the ones who suffer. I’ve heard so many stories from fathers who just want to see their babies and would do anything to make that happen, men who have to work tirelessly to pay the child support that they shouldn’t even be paying if they want more access to their children and are being denied. I’ve also heard mothers talk about these fathers and accuse them of horrible, horrible, illegal things but turn around and use them when it’s in their best interest. It’s a joke.

Something needs to be done for these men who have no help and no support. This is why I am asking for your help. Help by signing this petition and showing we want change and fairness for fathers that have no valid reason to not see their children. If we win, fathers will have greater access to their children and less of a fight for that access. If we lose, fathers continue to spend time and money and still lose out in seeing their children. If a father wants to spend time with their children why shouldn’t they be allowed to?

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