Family Court Justice for Ashley Green Zibaie's Daughters

Family Court Justice for Ashley Green Zibaie's Daughters

September 10, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by K. Scott

Hello everyone,

I am here to petition for change for my dear friend Ashley Green Zibaie, her two daughters, and her family as a collective.

Ashley is a wonderful Protective Mother of three and a fierce advocate in Franklin County, Ohio.  

Ashley is also a strong woman that I would like to believe is my future Grassroots Social Justice Warrior and Business Partner. Ashley and I have plans to change the corruption in our family court system here in Ohio, and nationwide.

Lastly, and the reason for the petition, Ashley Green Zibaie is representing herself, Pro Se, in a Franklin County Domestic Relations Court case, number 18DR004144, Ashley Zibaie v Cyrus Zibaie. Ashley has found herself in a predicament with the Guardian ad Litem assigned to her case.

For those that don’t know, nationally the family court “arena” is a very adversarial and ineffective for-profit system, a play yard that does not fully protect our nation’s children’s best interests as it proclaims to do. In fact, Title XV of VAWA will show the findings of Congress that family courts often overlook abuse and place children at ongoing risk. Those findings are linked here:

Protective Mothers like Ashley are often separated from their children by Court officials behind closed doors with no knowledge to the public. The threat of losing their children is often enough to keep women from speaking out, but some do.

Recently, I noticed that Ashley was not posting much regarding her case on her social media platforms. Ashley has been a very vocal advocate and has consistently utilized social media to shine the spotlight on the injustice women and children face in family courts:

I did some digging, and it was brought to my attention that Ashley’s case was issued gag orders.

Unlawfully violating a protective mother’s right to free speech via gag order is often a consequence for speaking out against corruption.

See, Ashley was exercising her right to free speech to speak out against the family court system and most recently, the Guardian ad Litem (GAL) on her case, Chelsea Long.

Attorney Chelsea Long, of Wood and Long Family Law located in Franklin County, Ohio, is the assigned GAL to Ashley’s case.

Since the conception of Chelsea Long’s assignment, Ashley has experienced insurmountable negativity, trauma, and injustice. GAL Chelsea Long has recommended to Judge Monica Hawkins and Magistrate Elliott that Ashley no longer has her U.S. Constitutional Right to direct the care, custody, and control of her daughters, and that she only sees them every other weekend.

I would need at least a full day’s time to explain to you the detrimental effects Chelsea Long has had on Ashley, and the chain of events that Ashley and her family have had to endure but I cannot. We must keep in mind that there are children involved and their privacy is paramount.

Nonetheless, please sign this petition to have Chelsea Long removed from Ashley’s case and from the Franklin County Guardian ad Litem list entirely.

Chelsea Long has "allegedly" not acted in the best interests of children. She does have a bachelor’s degree in music studies.

It is worth noting that Ashley is not the first protective mother to experience Chelsea Long.

Chelsea Long is said to also be GAL when Amy Koruna’s children were removed from her custody. Allegedly all without just cause.

Too many women are reporting being traumatized and their children victimized by our country's court system. This has to be stopped.

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Signatures: 290Next Goal: 500
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