Family Court hands custody of 2 year old to her paedophile father

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Once again the Family Court has FAILED Australia’s children.

Once again the Family Court has handed down a decision that COMPLETELY AT ODDS with the BEST INTEREST of a child.

Chief Justice Stephen Thackray has ruled that 2 year old Pipah cannot go to live with her mother in Thailand. Instead, he has handed her over to the custody of her surrogate father, David Farnell. Farnell has a history of sexual offences against children dating back many years.

Farnell is a convicted PAEDOPHILE convicted of 22 child sex offences. He has served time in prison for sexually abusing children yet Justice Thackray saw fit to release Pipah to his custody. You can read the news report here: 

Chief Justice Thackray has set a DANGEROUS PRECEDENT since this case can now be used to allow other PAEDOPHILES to be granted custody of their children.

Although strict conditions were placed on Farnell, given his history, there is NO REASON TO BELIEVE that this disgusting PAEDOPHILE will abide by them.

2 year old Pipah now faces a life where she will be GROOMED by the PAEDOPHILE Farnell to be his SEXUAL PLAYTHING, an OBJECT to be SHARED around with his PAEDOPHILE friends. She will live a life of DEGRADATION and FEAR knowing that her PAEDOPHILE father will use and abuse her and that the LAW DOES NOT CARE about her welfare. Her PAEDOPHILE father’s interests were given more consideration than her SAFETY.

Chief Justice Thackray’s decision is a DISGRACE.

This decision MUST be REVERSED and custody transferred to the mother where Pipah will be SAFE.

Family Law must be changed so that no child will ever again be handed over to the custody of a convicted PAEDOPHILE.

We are calling upon the Federal Government to step up to the plate and institute a NATIONAL CHILD PROTECTION SYSTEM with UNIFORM laws  applicable across the nation.

NO child deserves to be treated the way 2 year old Pipah has been treated.

Our children comprise 19% of our population but are 100% of our future.