Help a teen mum get her son home and oppose adoption over false allegations!

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I am a first time parent at the age of 17. Social services are involved with my son and have been since birth. I was placed in a mother and baby placement with my son. 10 weeks later, it was decided that my partner and I could live together with our son in a family hostel in Caerphilly. My partner got kicked out by the social worker for alleged abuse and was told he had to go through a contact process to see his son. After my partner moved out, we were taken to court in October 2017 for alleged negligence of my son and was told about another court hearing in March 2018 to make a care order. In February 2018, I was placed in another mother and baby placement. By this time  my son was 13 months old, very mobile  happy and learning to walk. One night, my son had a bump on his head from trying to walk by himself. He had contact the following day with his dad. I had informed the social worker immediately about the bump, that day, he was taken out of my care because I was accused of physically abusing my son. After that, we went to court 3 days in a row. The social worker lied and said that I was the one abusing my son and putting my now, ex partner before my son. I gave all the evidence I had and fought for as long and hard as I could. The care order was placed for my son to go up for adoption on the final hearing. The judge believed opinion over solid evidence and went on to the reasoning. The reason was, if my son was to stay in my care, that I would be taking him to his dad knowing that it's not allowed. In my opinion, I wouldn't be doing this anyway because I would do anything to keep my son in my care. If it meant that I keep him away from his dad unless it's a day of supervised contact, then be it. I would give and do anything to get my son home. Thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read. Please help me get my son home and oppose this adoption 

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