Family & community services FACS! Failing the system & care of my kids & many family's!

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My children have been removed from my care for certain reasons back in November 2017, iv acknowledge why they were removed & i take responsibility to the risks back then but iv made great changes to get my babies home & its recently went to court to see if i get them back home & in court agreements for mediation in march 2018 & they will be restored home only as long as i continue doing what i was doing & start courses etc but since my kids were placed into facs care iv made complaints about paper work they handed me stating my 2 & half year old daughter is scared of the carers son & later down the track became scared of her own brothers & males in general.

 Shes never been scared of males, also the son of the carer is old enough to take care of my kids as it says in paper work & iv made complaint after complaint asked for medical checks etc & they believe I'm going to far & honestly i could understand if it was by one worker that monitors visits but its a few different workers they have wrote that shes scared & also the carer said to one worker good luck for photos with santa shes scared of males.

Its not ok to let this go on anymore & still have them kids still placed there especially if my daughters scared ;  they got removed because of risk concerns with me so why can they still be some where when that is where they were scared to be.

Recently iv got photos of the carer pushing my 10 month old sons head because he was crying its  neglected & physically abuse & the government isn't doing a thing about it & i had not seen kids almost now for 3 weeks they cancelled one visit as it was a public holiday & put time on to my recent visit that was after court & my visit was for 1 but got cancelled as case worker said it was 12 but if im late ect they ring & not one call only txt saying cancelled so im feeling that my kids are unsafe & im being targeted as manager that removed my kids to start with was a old manager who got removed from my case months later my kids get removed plz help as she is still working with me some how,  Iv also recently went to my local mp & and within the mean time I want to get this out that my kids my family & many other kids and their familys are suffering and this is not right!! Iv recently had court in Feb & and facs wanted me to be able to get mediation for restoration in March as long as I continued doing the things they wanted not even 24 hours later a change of mind after that manager removed the kids I made another complaint and ended with a new one but somehow after they agreed for mediation she was somehow back on my case and no mediation anymore for restoration & by courts order  the assment for family was meant to be ASAP and yet family only had to do a parenting course as every check and everything else was complete and my family still hasn't got my kids facs are coming up with false aligations about me and family that apparently I appeared up within the end of the assment from the past and in the past there never had what they are accusing back in any old past paper works of me in court for oldest 6 years ago yes there have been struggles but as a parent no parent is perfect and all parents make mistakes but they just need to issue and address those problems but nothing like above should happen to no child if taken and placed in foster care or no family should be suffering with workers lying or not taken your complaints serious expecially if your not the only one it's actually workers that have stated the child being fear full because this is not right nothing like this is right at all,  honestly its disgusting to see this happen it makes me feel weak and sick knowing that iv tried n tried n no one is listen from the facs department and they wonder why people get so angry towards them and don't get me wrong many great workers but there's those workers who shouldn't be on a job like this, I thought community and family services were mentioned to try keep family's together and work with them getting their kids back??? They didn't even notify you me about my son in hospital as he struggled breathing and only recently I even hinted at visits he was sick and they said that yeah well they are doing so wrong right now to my kids my family and something should be done about it as its many family's too that are suffering this shift from facs department, and they really should investigate facs and investigate carers too this is mentioned to keep kids safe and work with family and I don't see any of that or nothing been done or my kids not removed from the carer they are with.