give a mother back her children from an abuser who alienated her from her two children

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As a mother of two children, two and three, social services as well as other support links were involved and bought in by myself during my marriage to my husband due to the lack of support from him mentally and emotionally; especially after catching him cheating being in constant debt. After being threatened to be killed from trying to leave him and being accused of cheating on him i finally left with police social services and all support networks being notified due to the safety if myself and the children. i lost all support from my own family police social services and other support networks who all decided to side with him due to MY upbringing in the system. i was given custody only for him to get them through blackmail and after months of fighting him in courts they gave him full custody. He has been caught putting our daughter in danger our sons been in hospital with none of my knowledge despite court papers demanding he tells me of any medical needs and he stopped me from seeing the kids for 5 months as well as breaching court orders on the first day of me being able to contact them only for them to not recognise me. not only have i had my rights as a citizen and a mother taken away from me but ive also been given no support from anyone during this court battle and been forced to go on medication against my own will if im to get them back. 

Today is the day that its enough. NO parent deserves to be alienated from their children. NO parent deserves to suffer from no support from social services and other support net works. NO parent should be forced to do something against their own will due to lies from the other party. Today is the day to raise our voices against a system who supports a parent who has the most money and is known for breaking the law, domestic violence threats of kidnapping and eacaping the country breaking immigration law etc,the list goes on on what the government and courts are allowing offenders to get away with. Mothers and fathers deserve EQUAL access to their children and as an Australian citizen im being treated by the courts and my own lawyer like a foreigner. Enough is enough my children like all children deserve a MUM AND DAD even if they are divorced.

ALL parents deserve equal rights the CHILDREN deserve rights to see BOTH parents.