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The Corporate Fraud Task Force (CFTF) established by President George W. Bush in 2002 was replaced by the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force (FFETF) in 2009 under President Barack Obamato investigate and prosecute significant financial crimes and other violations relating to the…financial crisis [Great Recession of 2008] and economic recovery efforts...” 

But that is not what happened.

While the stated goal of Obama's task force may have been the protection of the American public from financial crimes it is an alarming, shocking, and appalling truth that crimes were manufactured under the guise of the FFETF

This aligns with the opinion of Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg who notes “the extraordinary authority Congress, perhaps unwittingly, has conferred on prosecutors to manufacture crimes.” 

Attorney Sidney Powell explains in her book Licensed to Lie that innocent businessmen and women were indicted, prosecuted, and incarcerated [under the FFETF] by “a cabal of narcissistic federal prosecutors who broke all the rules and rose to power”.

According to English professor Michael Adams some of the tactics used were “concealing and altering evidence, ignoring the law, and constantly displaying an ego-driven desire to win at all costs”.

 These reckless and negligent prosecutions have resulted in---


THE INCARCERATION OF INNOCENT MEN AND WOMEN who in many cases served as leaders in their local communities!  


LEGITIMATE INVESTMENTS AND ENTERPRISES BEING DEMOLISHED that needed only time to fully develop resulting in totally avoidable financial losses!


Below is a sampling of MANUFACTURED CRIMES AND UNJUST CONVICTIONS from the 10,000 financial fraud cases filed against nearly 15,000 defendants under the FFETF:

►A trusted policy adviser to the United States Senate and House of Representatives and a professional fiduciary to numerous pension plans was convicted and sentenced to 17 years in prison on the basis of an elaborate, untrue tale told by a handful of disaffected former consultants.

►Individuals without securities licenses were convicted of securities fraud (without intent) resulting in the heart-wrenching separation of a father from his children, and devoted wife.

►The CEO and corporate attorney of a successful real estate investment company operating for 30 years were convicted of securities fraud (without intent) despite falsification of evidence by the prosecution and the suicide of the lead FBI special agent during the trial prior to the completion of her cross examination by the defense.

► An individual was convicted in spite of the fact that no investor wanted him to go to prison, he had no knowledge of the fraud, and he was within a year of restoring all the investors’ funds.

►A small business owner, husband, and father of six was cleared of most of the charges against him and offered a new trial on one of the remaining charges but had been destroyed financially by the DOJ and had no money for another trial.  

► The CEO and founder of a real estate company pled guilty, leaving his wife and four young children destitute, ONLY after the DOJ threatened to charge his wife (who had no connection to the company) as a “relief defendant”.

►A developer was charged with fraud despite following Fannie Mae requirements.  To protect his wife, he pled guilty to fabricated charges and had his life ruined with a sentence of 60 months and $6.2 million in restitution levied against him.

►The operator of a non-profit foundation fighting obesity in school-age children was sentenced to 17 years in prison and $40 million in restitution regardless of the fact that there had never been a complaint of wrongdoing filed against the foundation by anyone.

► An individual was charged with filing false tax returns.  Following a hearing, the judge in the case threw out all the evidence because the federal officials lied and left out relevant information.  The 10th Circuit on appeal overturned the lower court’s ruling. Because he was out of money and beyond exhausted, he entered a plea deal.

► The owner of an income tax preparation service was convicted on conspiracy to defraud the U.S. Government and aiding and abetting the filing of a false tax return despite many of the DOJ's star witnesses testifying that he was not in a conspiracy with them.

► The IRS was able to intimidate five out of 8,500 tax clients to testify against an accountant.  All five were threatened with losing their citizenship if they did not cooperate with the DOJ.  

Due to the horrendous miscarriages of justice perpetrated on innocent people detailed in this petition, we the undersigned respectfully and sincerely plead that President Donald J. Trump nullify, commute or pardon convictions obtained under the FFETF.

References and related materials:

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Coalition Documents

How the Obama FBI and Department of Justice Lost its Way and Destroyed 15,000 American Lives



"The common thread through it all is a cabal of narcissistic federal prosecutors who broke all the rules and rose to power...and [along with] other members of Obama's inner circle - are wreaking havoc on our Republic."  Sidney Powell, JD, author of Licensed to Lie - Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice.

"[Sidney Powell] reveals a house of 'legal' horrors characterized by sacrificing [innocent men and women], concealing and altering evidence, ignoring the law, and constantly displaying an ego-driven desire to win at all costs." Michael Adams, PhD, introduction to Licensed to Lie.

"Prison populations have skyrocketed. So has society's ills. Our prison system today is what surgery was in the mid-1800's (no anesthesia or antibiotics). Primative and harmful. The government packs inmates in jails and prisons, later sends them out to the world infected with every evil imaginable, and society contracts the disease. What is the result? More prisoners." Matthew Hutcheson, author of Quinny, chapter 33.

"Our sentences are too long, our sentences too severe, our sentences too harsh... there is no compassion in the system." Justice Anthony Kennedy before U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, February 14, 2007."