Keep Private Caregivers at Baycrest

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Do you have elderly loved ones who live at Baycrest and who have a private caregiver? Right now, we are no longer allowed to visit our loved ones there. And I get that. BUT THIS: Due to COVID-19, this is now on the Baycrest website:
"Permitting private companions in the Apotex and Hospital is a short term, temporary measure as we are working to reduce the total number of people on the campus as part of our larger social distancing strategy." I understand the need to minimize outside contact within Baycrest, but my mother and many many other residents RELY ON THEIR CAREGIVERS FOR EVERYTHING BECAUSE THEY CAN'T DO ANYTHING FOR THEMSELVES ANYMORE. Relying on Baycrest hired staff to take on the added duties is not realistic. They are already overworked. Currently, a staff PSW can only spend 15 minutes feeding a resident. My mother requires 45 minutes to eat and drink due to poor swallowing, like so many Alzheimer's residents. And the loneliness this will create for our mothers, fathers or grandparents will be unbearable because they so desperately need companionship and interaction. A better option is to set up rigorous screening for the private caregivers who look after our loved ones every day. Baycrest must not ban PRIVATE CAREGIVERS. Personally, I can't imagine what will happen to my mother without her caregiver. Please sign this petition to let Baycrest know that our loved ones' private caregivers are essential for their survival.