Motion detectors in child transport vehicles - no child left behind.

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Recently the news reported the heartbreaking story of a 3 year old boy being found dead in a daycare mini bus in Cairns.

This is not the first time a child in the care of others or an organization has been left in a vehicle and died as a result. But we want it to be the last time.

There is no reasonable explanation why a child could be forgotten and left to die in such awful circumstances. A three year old child died ALONE in a day care vehicle and a family was left to suffer. A child that had been left in the hands of a responsible organisation with childcare accreditation.


This organization failed both the family and the child in the most abhorrent way possible.


This is a petition for change. A petition to ensure that no child is forgotten, that no child is left behind ever again. No matter the cost, it can’t equate to the life of a child.


This is ultimately a call for a change in safety regulations surrounding day care centre transport and the like. A call to ensure the human element no longer fails these children and that other safety measures are put in place to ensure children are accounted for.

To ensure organizations meet their obligations and remain accountable tougher penalties (financial and criminal) against responsible organizations and persons is also demanded. 

Motion detectors inside child transport vehicles that set off an alarm when activated seem like a logical option, though anything that will prove successful and effective in preventing the death of children will be sufficient.

It is also the responsibility of organizations such as day care centres to ensure they take this risk to children seriously and that all staff receive full and adequate training around the care of children with constant refreshers. Staff should be made explicitly aware of their responsibilities and the consequences should they fail in their responsibility. 

Please support us in ensuring that no child is left behind ever again.