Returning the Vision to R. L. Osborne High School

Returning the Vision to R. L. Osborne High School

March 6, 2020
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Families in the Community of R. L. Osborne High School
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Why this petition matters

Started by Parents Osborne

Parents, players, students, and community members are seeking to inquire about the direction that Varsity Boys and Girls Basketball Programs, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Cheerleading and Varsity Track and Field Programs at R. L. Osborne High School.

There are some serious questions about the vision, definite intentions, goals, and plans, and admission of what has not worked in the past few years in order to build a solid program that can achieve maximum retention, competitive ranking and success of our student-athletes moving forward from the high school program.

The motivation behind our inquiry and concerns are to ensure we are returning the school and advancing the community to go in the direction that conducive to a successful environment.

Areas of our concern include the following:

Ø  How is funding supplied by the county each year being used in the programs to ensure proper equipment is being purchased to enhance skill set of student-athletes and to allow minimum out of pocket cost to parents.

Ø  What are definite plans to ensure the upward climb of the programs to bring a consistent state of region appearances that will move us from our current ranking at the bottom for the last few years

Ø  What movement has been made to motivate the interest of the community and family involvement to support our programs 

Ø  What methods are being used to collect and keep pertinent information for college recruiters readily available and in proper presentation for an easy rapid response to fully support the student-athletes

Ø  Describe plans and/or efforts to maintain and further achieve individual/team development of the skill level for the student-athletes

Ø  What coaching experience and qualifications are needed to be the Head Coach

Ø  Explain the roles of the Assistant Coaches and community coaches

Ø  How does the Athletic Director assist in promoting the programs

Ø  What is Vision of Interaction with the Osborne Junior Programs that support the feeder system to Varsity Sports

Ø  What preparation is used to encourage the Spirit of competition for student-athletes as individuals and as teammates.

Ø  What would you say is the key to having a “good relationship among the coach, parents and players”

As a collaborative effort, we come together to inquire, motivate conversation and take an active role in the future of our student-athletes as they move to participate in the Varsity Programs at R. L. Osborne High School.



Families in the Community of R. L. Osborne High School


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Signatures: 78Next Goal: 100
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