Justice for Flight 752 Victims

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On January 8, 2020, Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 was shot down near Tehran with two surface-to-air missiles launched by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, IRGC.

They atrociously opened fire at innocent children, women and men, and shot the aircraft twice to ensure it would be destroyed. Passengers and crew spent their last few minutes in a dreadful plunge that ended in the parting of all 176 helpless souls.

Iranian authorities lied persistently and mocked us for three days. They concealed the truth in covert collusion between the military officials and the inept government, but the truth of Iran’s responsibility for this carnage eventually came out. For the first time, a government shot down a passenger plane using not one, but two missiles, only a few minutes after the plane took off from one of its own airports.

Iran did not respond to the tragedy of the loss of these dear lives with any apology, resignation of officials, identification of perpetrators, or the promise to prosecute those responsible. Instead, Iran repressed the families of the victims, mobbed the funerals, and impeded the repatriation of remains to other countries.

Now forty five days gone, and despite confession by Iran of responsibility for this abhorrent act, they still obstruct the international investigations that seek the truth. They refuse to surrender the black box, while being complicit in this scheme. They ended innocent lives in a heinous bloodshed of those who loved life and audaciously carry on with no remorse.

We, a group of families of the victims, demand the governments of the passengers and crew of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 - Canada, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom, as well as the International Civil Aviation Organization, the International Court of Justice, and the leaders of other nations and other relevant international bodies to take measures that obliges Iran to comply with international investigations, surrender the black box, and collaborate to shed light on this horrendous international crime.

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Group of families of PS752:

Ahmadi, Arbab Bahrami, A.Arsalani, O.Arsalani, Azhdari, Esmaeilion, Alae, Emami, Tajik, Jamshidi, Rahimi, Zareie, Zibaiee, Soleimani, Salahi, Alavi, Ghafouri, Ghandchi, Gorji, A.Morattab, A.Morattab, Farzaneh, Kazerani, S.Morattab, Madani, Moghaddam, Norouzi, Niknam