Pampers, Commit to include both parents on your Packaging #PapaPampersToo

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My friend John (ofcourse not John Legend -;) is a new parent and I decided to go meet the newborn. The baby was crying as she needed a diaper change. John quickly got up, picked up the baby, comforted her with love and changed the diaper like a pro.

As he was throwing the used diaper in the dustbin, both our heads immediately turned to the television set. We saw the Pampers ad on TV in a similar set up of a parent changing the diaper, the stark difference was, the parent on the TV was the mother. John looked at me and sighed, “Why do they only show the mothers? I change diapers too, why don’t fathers get featured? I go shopping for the diapers, keep stock and also know which size and variant works best for my child.” Soon, we started a debate on gender roles and he was able to convince me that he takes this job very seriously.

Yes, there are plenty of fathers like John who take diaper changing seriously. It’s a job they attend to and participate fully in.

Sadly, they don’t get any credit and their role in diaper changing is totally ignored and underplayed.

He soon pulled out a diaper packet and said, "there you go, see the wrapper of this packet, it has the mother, only the mother. We feel ignored and not involved as parents in something as small yet significant as diaper changing."

That got me thinking, a lot of parenting activities and products are majorly attributed to motherhood. But there are caring and involved fathers, who share the parenting workload.There are also fathers who assume the primary responsibility of caretakers in some cases.

Of course there are plenty of dads, yet to catch up on the concept of equal parenting. But, honestly, who’s inspiring them?

I looked at the wrapper and said to him “You are right; we need both parents on the wrapper. Its just fair to do that. After all diaper changing is just not a mother’s job. It’s a parent's duty and both parents can share this responsibility).

Pampers, the #1 global diaper brand serving 25 million babies in more than 100 countries around the world, is committed to helping keep babies drier and happier. I am asking Pampers to commit to acknowledge a father's role in raising a child.

Pampers is the most widely sold diapers in the world. The world diaper is  synonymous to pampers for many parents. Pampers range of products cater to the various needs of newborns and toddlers.

Procter & Gamble has taken on several campaigns in the past to bring about social change.  Their campaign #ItTakes2 which was launched around Fathers Day .

Pampers partnered with multi-Grammy award-winning musician and dad, John Legend, to celebrate all the ways dads make every moment special, including changing diapers. Pampers hosted a party called “Daddy Play Date” in Manhattan with celebrity fathers guests gathered to pay “homage to dads on diaper duty.”

I urge Proctor Gamble to take one step further from here and create a larger social impact as pampers diapers dominate supermarkets and homes and projecting and promoting positive and equal parenting images will create lasting impressions.

My Ask:

  • I am asking Pampers to commit to revamping your brand packaging images to include both moms and dads.
  • Implement this in India and at least 10 countries to begin with.
  • Do it for at least one range of Pamper diaper products.

Its time to move away from the stereotyping of parenting roles. Parents today take equal ownership and are equally involved in the upbringing of the child. Little changes like these will go a long way in changing stereotypes in the world. Let’s move beyond the stereotype and add a new dimension to parenting. Let’s #TurnOffTheStereo because #PapaPampersToo