False Allegations law - its time to protect the innocent from false accusations

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We live in a society where " innocent until proven guilty " and " accusations must have merit " and we are all " equal under the Law " are the cornerstones of law and the constitution.

Recent events and Family Court have shown that meritless claims are believed and one party is automatically found guilty by default on nothing more than a maybe, could be or perhaps ...

**** And the false accuser never gets held to account ****

Its time to safeguard ourselves from those who seek to destroy the credible and honest members of our society from the deliberate , maligned assassinations of ones life from nothing more than a despicable, deceiptful statement without merit

Everyone including

- Yours sons, fathers, step-dads, community leaders, and other role models will have their lives and the lives of their children decimated unless the direction is changed.

- Like in Family Court, women, daughters, step-mothers and other honest women, will find themselves in 20 years from now, in the same boat.

- and sadly, the number of suicides annually is over 18,000 because of this

Its time for a False Allegations Law

False Accusations Law

The purpose behind this law is to mandate an investigation at the same time an allegation is made by an accuser to determine the legitimacy of the allegation / accusation

The investigation would be to determine if the accusation / allegation made has little or no merit and may also have the intent for harm against the accused

The second purpose of this law is to prevent unnecessary additional harm to the falsely accused when its determined that the accusations/allegations made are continued through to court with no reasonable merit. ( thus a certain minimum threshold must be created wherein the minimum threshold must be with at least some supportive evidence that supports the accusation )

After an investigation is done into the allegations / accusations made and its determined that they were made without any supportive merit, the accuser will be charged and jail time will be as follows

First degree – false accusations allegations – 

The false accuser will have taken action, including false construct to make a false accusation / allegations for the purpose of deliberate harm and benefit in any form …. Jail term – twice to three times of jail time of the falsely accused crime

Second Degree

The false accuser will have made the accusations willingly to cause harm in any form – Jail term – one to two times of the jail time of the falsely accused crime

Third Degree

The false accuser will have made the accusations unwillingly to cause harm in any form – Jail term – the same jail time of the falsely accused crime
The primary target of this law is both Family Court and Criminal court


In the event anyone in any official capacity of the court , primarily lawyers, act on moving forward with an accusation without reasonable due diligence and evidence, and the accusation turns out to be false, the official will be subject to a fine at minimum of $ 1,000,000.00 which is bondable and held in the capacity of the court as punitive damages to the falsely accused