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The Falmouth University School of Writing and Journalism has recently announced that the department will move in its entirety from Penryn campus to Woodlane campus in Falmouth. This may not seem like a big deal but it has several implications that will impact students academically, socially and financially. 

Firstly, the department has announced this without any warning and without consulting any of its students. It is a decision made independent of us, despite the fact that we will be affected the most. Our opinions have not even been considered. 

Secondly, they have announced it too late in the year for anyone to be able to think about moving house. Many people, including myself, live in Penryn because it is close to campus. If people live in Falmouth it is their choice and they do so with the knowledge that they will have to travel to campus every day. April, however, is a time when most people have secured a house and have signed one year contracts with landlords that are difficult to get out of. Furthermore, first year students starting at the School of Writing and Journalism who expected to be based on Penryn campus and who will have applied for accommodation here will now have no choice but to travel to Falmouth. This incurs a cost of at least £2 per day for bus fees, and makes the department's decision especially inconsiderate because they will not be expecting to have to make this journey. People who commute from further afield will also suffer because there is little parking at Woodlane campus.  

Thirdly, although the move claims to increase networking and collaboration, Woodlane campus is not the best place for students with the School of Writing and Journalism because we do not have much in common with the other courses based there. The courses at Woodlane are more practical and do not have relevance to our degree. The departments we are most likely to collaborate with as creative writers are Film, TV and Performing Arts, all of which are based on Penryn campus. Moreover, the library facilities there are smaller and have less academic texts. Moving to Woodlane also means we lose access to the gym, the sports hall, and the campus shop and cafes. 

Lastly, for students going into their third year (such as myself), to uproot us as we write our dissertations and complete our degree is irresponsible. We have settled on this campus and did not expect to have to move. It is detrimental to our education. 

Please support our campaign to stop this move happening. The more people who complain, the more the university will have to consider their decision. 

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