To change Falmouth School's rules!

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We want to change The following rules that have made the students at falmouth school so miserable, and feel over-controlled

. Uniform regulations- It's preposterous that will have to wear school trousers with the school logo on them, even if they are worn, nobody will see the logo as our school blazer will cover the pockets ( where the logo will be )! Not to mention the fact that they are at least £18.00 which is absurd for just a pair of school trousers! 

. The second rule that has been recently introduced, is that if e are late, we have to have a lunchtime detention! Lunchtime is important for our social life, as well as getting fresh air and being active, instead of sitting in a room, doing work, just for being late! Many people are accidentally late, which they can't help, so lunchtime detentions are ludicrous, and is just another way to control us students.

. The third rule is that we must wear certain types of black shoes. These shoes make your feet over sweat, they are sometimes uncomfortable, and are expensive ( the ones that will actually last) Students are happy to wear 'Vans' shoes or Nike shoes or Adidas shoes, but yet the school control us once again and say that we must were a certain type of school shoes

If this petition gets enough people to sign it, then we might get a little bit of freedom, and hopefully these rules will be abolished, and we can enjoy school once again. This petition will make a difference if people would just take 2 mins out of their time, to sign it, whether from falmouth school or not, i reckon that most parents who have children who go to falmouth school, will sign this, as they are sick and tired of falmouth school CONTROLLING US!

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