Falls Village Farm Market

Falls Village Farm Market

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kyle wilkinson started this petition to Falls Village residents

A group of Falls Village folks have come together to envision a community-oriented farm market in downtown Falls Village.

Here, we are welcomed into a comfortable, rustic and elegant setting, serving at the intersection of community, farm goods, and guidance to local natural wonders and establishments.

We support locally-grown and produced food, weaving a village network of individuals/families/institutions, and providing a welcoming access point for visitors and the wider region.

This is a local market, initially run by volunteers as a non-profit.

The farm market would:

...be welcoming to all, but also offer annual memberships at modest cost that carry store-wide discounts and other member benefits

...provide comfortable seating to encourage discussion while sipping locally-sourced coffee or tea

...support all businesses in the area

...offer tourists information (and guided tours) centered on nearby hikes, Isabella Freedman programs, local farms & establishments, etc.

...welcome Appalachian hikers, providing them with WiFi, hiking goods for sale and necessities donated by regional retailers

...source and provide local, in-season produce and value added goods from surrounding farms

...display crafts and art from local artists and artisans

...host events like film screenings, DIY culinary workshops, local service projects, pop-up seasonal harvests of cider, vegetables, fruits...

...offer items like:
     same-day homemade soups
     local ice-cream and baked goods
     David M. Hunt Library used books
     LaBonne’s everyday staples and green, sustainable items hand-picked based on feedback from local shoppers

This initiative would be mission-driven, donating any humble returns to the funding of community projects, hiring local people and eventually providing the town with a modest return in addition to rent.

What’s the mission?

To cultivate, grow and nurture community.

So, if this project sounds appealing to you, or speaks to you in any way, kindly sign below and add your name to our growing collective of local supporters.

Let’s address common concerns:

1. It’s difficult to install a commercial kitchen, etc.

we are not offering sit down service and will not need a commercial kitchen, at least not initially (and might use commercial kitchens in the area to prepare and bring in meals)

2. where will this be located?

the location is not determined; we are only in the initial stages and just taking the town’s temperature on the concept

3. why do this on the town’s dime if you think you can make money?

this is a non-profit operation, neither meant to make money, nor operate on the town’s dime; rather, we will gather initial town and community support to create an enterprise that pays for itself and nothing more, benefitting the community at large on a sustainable basis 

4. this can only work as a for-profit business

we believe the project will be more sustainable as a non-profit that can raise charitable donations and have as its modest goal to break even; the enterprise may not throw off a profit, but it certainly will enrich and nurture the community and, if it’s breaking even, can do so indefinitely; to be clear, the enterprise would like to provide a modest return to the town as part of doing business and eventually pay rent as well

5. a volunteer model is not sustainable

initially, for a short period of time while we get on our feet, we may ask for some volunteers, but the idea is to hire locally, everyone from teenagers to seniors, and pay modest wages


0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!