Fallen Acorn Mumbys Return

Fallen Acorn Mumbys Return

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Started by Katherine Bull

Fallen Acorn to brew Mumbys again! It’s the greatest ginger pale ale of all time and there is not a single beer drinker locally that has said anything bad about this beer.

Honestly I’m just trying to fill up the 1000 character description that’s required before I can continue. But there are at least two bars locally - probably 3 maybe ever 4 that would stock it and sell out of it and enough people who desperately want a taste of this slightly spicy delicious nectar to come and buy it.

Please brew it again, my husband won’t shut up about it, my dad keeps saying he misses it, really I’d just like a moments peace.

Bloody hell still 480 characters to go. This is like writing an essay for school. Who doesn’t love Mumbys, it’s a tasty drink loved Gosport over and beyond. It’s honestly a shame that we’ve never had it on tap at West Street Alehouse we just missed out on it, and I think it broke poor Steve’s heart. He’s wanted to brew a spicy ginger beer in honour of it since, if Fallen Acorn could just brew it, I know he’d be super happy 

150 characters left, finally getting to the end! I think I’ve made my case, sign the petition and let’s get more Mumbys out there! Wooo. Yes. Mumbys (27 characters still) oh I’m there! 

28 have signed. Let’s get to 50!