Ban anti-abortion campaigners outside Forth Valley Royal Hospital grounds

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Every day woman will be entering the hospital to have an abortion. Did you know 1 in 3 woman will have one in their lifetime? For some it will be a choice and for others it may be an option given to them.

Can you imagine making that heartbreaking decision or being told that it's something you must consider after complications, coming to terms with it to then be faced with campaigners outside the hospital with signs that read "abortion is murder" "life is precious" or at worst pictures. 

Everyone has the right to protest, but there is a time and a place. Outside a hospital is not the place for this. It is upsetting, inappropriate and is serving no purpose. 

Last year I held a counter protest simultaneously when the group "40 days for life" stood outside the hospital for lent and the support was overwhelming. They will be there again year after year upsetting people and distracting people from driving at a busy road which is a safety issue.

Amongst the support I received messages from people who live next to the hospital who find the vigil a nuisance, hospital staff who need to pass it everyday entering work, woman who have had to go through the procedure and are made to feel shamed, members of the community who find it infuriating and people from all over the country in fact who agree with choice. 

I propose something is implemented similar to what Ealing council has done outside the Marie Stopes clinic to prevent such protests. The Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) they have put in place stops vigils or protests happening in certain areas so woman can enter the clinic without distress.

Again I will stress the aim is not to ban these protests as much as I would like this to happen, everyone is entitled to their opinion and freedom of speach. Simply regulate where such upsetting vigils are held.

I am starting this petition in anticipation of the vigils happening again over lent and another counter protest, as much as it helps raise awareness of choice and woman's rights over their own body, is not going to stop it happening.

The NHS support abortion so woman should be able to access this service without facing unnecessary judgement.

 Article 11 also states that limitations to protests can be made to protect the health, morals, rights and freedoms of others.