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Recently a 42 year old, fake Uber driver, who sexually assaulted multiple women in the Brisbane area has had a Magistrate allow his bail application. This waste of oxygen was granted bail despite pleas to the Magistrate from police that he poses a serious risk to the public. Where is the Justice for the victims and for any other potential victims? This creature is a serial predator, he won’t stop just because he has a monitor stuck to his ankle. Who is going to monitor whether he removes it, or gets into a vehicle? Let’s come together to ensure the public is safe and to remind Magistrates that punishments are in place to keep the public safe, to remember victims and their rights. This is a miscarriage of justice, no doubt about it. It’s time that Magistrates walk in the shoes of the victims and walk among the public that they are supposed to protect. Please sign this petition so that predators don’t get a slap on the wrist; that they get punished the way the law was intended. Let’s tell these predators that consequences have actions, and action is real jail time, not a free trip home.