FFS - Fairies Freedom of Speech - A Petition to the Fairyland Administration and Mike

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Petition to the Fairyland Support Team and Mike concerning fair play within the game

  • ·         Reporting/FL-Police

For some time now there has been a rise in reporting within the Fairyland game. Many of us are very concerned about this behavior and have uttered this to the FL-moderators, who have then turned around and actually encouraged us to report other fairies ourselves. This type of FL-policing going on now, where comments are being taken out of context and fairies are being reported for just joking or uttering their feelings on a fairy friends back wall is destroying the fun of the game and we feel bullied by those who are there to protect us and contribute to the friendliness and fairness of the game.

The Terms of Use says “Additionally, you agree to help "police" application content by using the "report" link provided next to every "wall post" should you discover inappropriate content such as spam, offensive messages, insults, harassment, or any other inappropriate activity taking place. Each "Garden" within the application also has a "report" link located at the bottom of the right hand column which you can use to report a general issue with a Garden, such as an inappropriate image or language used by the Garden Owner.”

Since this “rule” is so broad in its content and leaves its interpretation completely up to the individual fairy, it is of the outmost importance that the FL-moderators have clear guidelines and work from an un-bias point of view. These guidelines need to be made obvious to all fairies playing the game.

  • ·         Arbitrary blocking/decision making by the FL-moderators

For some time now we have been comparing notes concerning the lack of “a blocking-policy” by the FL-moderators. Some of us have been blocked for the mere stating of a fact, asking other fairies to be considerate, swearing on our own wall, joking with a friend, writing FL-Police (which is a term used in the Terms of Use) or completely random without any clear message from the FL-team as to why. This arbitrary conduct of the FL-team is setting a very bad note where we feel bullied and scared to talk to each other and enjoy the game. We want clear rules as to what is allowed in the game, but also transparency as to who is actually moderating us. That the identities of the FL-moderators are kept secret also contributes to speculation around who is really running this game, and if not a certain groups rules and wishes are imposed on all others.

  • ·         Blocking from the forums

The forums today have become a place where fairies are being bullied and censored. Not by each other, but by the moderators. Many have been taunted and then blocked for just asking a simple question or answering in a thread from years past since this somehow might be considered “spamming”. The forums are today such a point of concern that most avoid it out of fear of being reported or blocked for just participating. A forum is supposed to be a tolerant and well-mannered safe place for us to communicate and share tips & tricks with new and old fairies. Instead it is now a source of the greatest headache for those still not blocked from it.

It is also the only place within the game where we can address problems and issues with the game itself to continue to improve Fairyland, so it is of the outmost importance that all voices are heard and that difficult questions can be discussed.

  • ·         Contradictory opinions of the FL-moderators

Many of us have been reported and blocked for merely trying to help other fairies with innocent comments like “plz be considerate”. When asking for a written rule that forbids us to be considerate and to help others we are getting contradictory statements from the FL-team. First they say that this might put others off watering but they cannot provide any arguments against being considerate, and then they tell us to go private and state that private gardens only should water in private gardens; which directly contradicts the statement that “People are free to water wherever and whenever they want whether they are doing any quests or tasks etc or not and is not acceptable for other players to question this.”

We cannot have rules that on the one hand allows gardens to restrict frozen, private or any other type of garden to water at the same time as it is not even allowed to try to make others aware of the fact that someone might be tasking in your own garden – which is not even a rule and does in fact not hinder anyone who wants to from sprinkling in that garden whatsoever. There must be consistency and clarity within the game rules.

  • ·         We are demanding written rules accessible to all fairies

We are demanding clear rules in writing under “Terms of Use” to be able to determine if this game is something that we want to continue to be a part of. Any changes to the “Terms” must be made public knowledge under “News” to all FL-players otherwise that contract must be considered null and void.

  • ·         We are demanding Freedom of Speech in our own (paid for) gardens

“Freedom of speech is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or a community to articulate their opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation, censorship, or sanction.”

This is one of the most fundamental freedoms that we have as human beings and at the moment most of us are scared to share our feelings with our friends, even on their back wall, for fear of being reported. It can NOT be the intention of the creator or the moderators to suppress the feelings and thoughts of the Fairyland community to the point that many of us are considering if it is worth it to buy more gold since we might be blocked from the game at any given minute for just venting our frustration or joking with a friend. We must be allowed to have feelings and express them – WITHOUT off course aiming this frustration at another fairy.

And in this context, a friendly reminder to be considerate to those tasking, questing or stalking can never be seen as anything else but trying to be helpful. It is appreciated not only by the fairies trying to get a certain critter, but also of regular waterers in a garden who are returning sprinkles and do not want to accidentally spot a critter someone has been stalking a long time for. This does not in any way hinder anyone at all from sprinkling.

As (mainly) adults play Fairyland we do hope that we can find a better way of problem solving than reporting fairies we dislike or comments that are not offensive. The easy solution to a situation we do not feel comfortable in is always walking away from it.



The FFS-team (Fairies Freedom of Speech)

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