Stop discriminating age on Fairly OddParents, please upgrade your shows that are designed for everybody of all ages, elderly want fairies too!

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The rulebook for fairy godparents stating "we only grant wishes to kids" is considered discrimination of age. This saying; Timmy is too old for fairies is a bad insult! Well, I believe in fairies! You are never too old to believe in fairies. If you're not sure about this, search Fairly OddParents on Youtube, and find a video about Timmy was watching TV, he was watching some shows that aren't suitable for him. The character Vicky is an evil babysitter who causes alot of trouble. Fast-forward the video, and find the part where Wanda says a statement about you are too old for fairies.

What you see in the video, fairies went away as people grow up. That's rediculus! Discriminating age groups higher than 18  is nothing more than a powerful form of discrimination.

It's needs to be stopped.

If you are discrimanated by this rulebook on Fairly OddParents, and it's caused by Nicktoons; sign this petition, and share it to your friends, and your parents,--including your grandparents.

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