Stop Animal Brutality

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Everyday we see videos of animal brutality around the world. At Fair Oaks Farm, there was a undercover investigation and footage showing what the workers do to the animals at this farm. It consists of pushing, hitting, kicking and knocking down the animals when they are weak. It’s not just at this farm as well, many farms around the world treat their animals with love and care. There are some that treat them like Fair Oaks Farms. It should not be allowed nor pushed aside from. All around the world there are videos of cows, bunny’s, lambs, etc. being abused by humans. We should not be putting these animals below us, they are beautiful, kind and sweet. They don’t deserve to be living in a world where they are being beaten to death. In the U.S. in some states you can get arrested for hurting a pet. You don’t see anyone getting arrested for Farm animal brutality, which farm animals can be considered pets. Not only do we need to stop this in the states, but as well as everywhere else in the world to stop this brutality of animals.