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End Breed Specific Laws in Fairfield OH

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Everyday in America we are faced with crimes such as drug abuse and dealing, prostitution, burglary and other crimes, yet we linger on one that has the fewest impact on society. BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) was built on fear and unreasonable cause. Many people look at Pit Bulls and Rottweiler’s and other such dogs, as vicious blood thirsty animals. But what people don't see is that these dogs have also saved many people’s lives! That we take them in as owners and vow to take care of them with the best of our ability and them to us. But what happens when the owner chooses to abuse and mistreat any dog, not just our loyal Pit Bulls or our courageous Rottweiler’s.

Instead of blaming the breed for the ignorance and stupidity of bad owners punish those who train them to do wrong. Punish the owner for the crimes they commit. What right do they have to do what they do and yet the animal pays the price. The sadistic men and women who harm theses dogs should be the one to pay, yet you take these animals from good owners, take them from the family that the love and protect, from the children who they would die for, and you tell them that they are dangerous and deserve to die. What right do you have to take an animal from a child? What right do you have to tear a family apart because of human ignorance.

BSL is racial profiling; it is discrimination not just for the dog but for the owner. Why should the owners of a certain breed be targeted? Why should they be given the choice and not owners who have a Poodle or a Chihuahua? Any dog can bite, Any dog can kill? Yet because of the appearance of one and the bad reputation of one, you only ban certain ones? What sense does this make?

I speak for those who cannot. I refuse to stop until these animals are protected. I love my state and my country but this I cannot stand idly by and watch as these dogs who have done nothing wrong be taken away. I will not give up and I will continue to fight for them. I, along with thousands of others, am the voice of the forgotten, I am the voice of the silenced, and I am the voice of the dead. Please just look into the eyes of your animal and think, what would you do if you know longer were able to keep this dog. I was told this would never work.

This is our choice. We can change things now or we could walk away. Can you afford to walk away from this? We must take a stand together. We have to make people see this is wrong? I am standing up for what I believe in and isn’t it time you do the same? Let’s take a stand for those who can’t! Lets fight to protect the ones who are always there for us! Let’s make the world see we, the little people, can change something if we just take a stand for what we believe! Only we can make this change. We can make the legislation see that this isn’t right.

Please, if you have ever had a dog that you loved in your life, please sign this petition and save these innocent animials.

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