Ban the use of fireworks by private citizens in Fairfield, Iowa!

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We the undersigned request the Fairfield, Iowa Public Safety & Transportation Committee and the Fairfield City Council to consider a ban on fireworks use by private citizens.

We request this ban for the following reasons:

  1. Harm has been done and is likely to continue to be done to neighboring private property by errant fireworks;
  2. Potential physical harm to private citizens by errant fireworks;
  3. Disturbing the peace and public nuisance from the constant noise created by fireworks being discharged;
  4. Trauma and harm to domestic animals as well as wildlife;
  5. Failure of citizens to comply with city regulations regarding designated times for the discharge of fireworks;
  6. The challenge presented for the police department to actually enforce the regulations;
  7. Considerable litter in the streets and neighborhoods from the detritus after discharge of fireworks.