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Stop burning Dogs alive.

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As news of alleged wrongdoing at the Fairfield County Dog Shelter has reached the public, outcries for the resignation of all County officials involved has amplified. Calls flooded the shelter all day Monday in the wake of the weekend’s news reports that dogs were alleged to have been incinerated alive at the shelter.

Commissioner Mike Kiger was taken at his own request to the Franklin, Clark and Montgomery County animal control facilities to speak with other dog wardens, all who offered to help. Every warden told Kiger that the goal of any shelter should be to get dogs out the front door – not the back.

However, Kobi says that shortly after the expedition to neighboring counties, Mike Kiger called her with a fundraising idea for the Fairfield shelter that he and dog warden, Mike Miller had come up with. It was called “Dog Composting.” The idea was to fill a shed behind the shelter with sawdust and compost the bodies of dogs killed at the shelter.

The idea sounds like the plot of a bad horror movie, except that former Deputy Animal Warden Bobbi Glass corroborated this in conjunction with Kobi’s statements.

According to Glass, the incinerator at the shelter was in need of relining, which was estimated to cost $17,000.00. While debating whether or not to remove the incinerator or repair it, the two men had come up with the composting idea.

Glass and Kobi were appalled; not just at the thought of  residents’ missing pets being treated with such callous disregard, but because it would destroy any incentive to save dogs if the county was making money from their deaths.

Fortunately, the health department denied the idea, but that the concept was even considered a valid option by officials is very disturbing.

Kobi recommends a review committee be set up to explore options to redesign the system at Fairfield to build a model no-kill shelter that other Ohio counties will want to follow.

One thing is certain: it will never happen under an administration that does not value the lives of Ohio pets.


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