Improve Childrens Safety on School Street

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This petition is to address a serious issue of speeding on one of the streets in Fairfax, School Street. I am a father of two young boys who enjoy riding their bikes and playing in the yard. While I teach my kids how to be careful on a road like school street I can't help but worry about them and the other kids that use this road daily. 

School Street is a very well traveled road because of the connection between the school and Main Street. This street is also walked by many children for that same reason. It brings heavy traffic as well as reckless driving. The recent development of school street has brought more young kids and the parents of School Street should not be afraid for their kids safety when they want to play outside because of careless drivers. 

Did you know at 30 mph the reaction distance is 40ft? And at 40 mph its nearly double that! This issue needs to be addressed before it's too late. So what can we do to decrease speeding and increase our children's safety?

A few ideas are:

  • Install two "speed humps" to decrease speed
  • Continue or repair the side walk up school street to keep kids off the traveled portion of the road
  • Install a solar powered speed sign to alert people of their speed

Sign the petition to say "I want to make a difference". Thank you for your support and thank you for making Fairfax such a great place to live! 

We will take this petition to the town to see what the best options are to address this issue. 

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