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People to know the truth about Mr. Saunders

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Mr. Saunders, a teacher at Lake Braddock Secondary School, was put on administrative leave for false accusations that don’t tell the whole story. Mr. Saunders was being protective of all his students and enforcing school policy of no hoods or hats are allowed to be worn inside the school. He pulled off the hood of  a student who was going against school policy and wearing a hood inside the classroom. While doing so the hijab of the student also accidentally slipped off as it came off with the hood. Mr. Saunders immediately and hastily apologized to the student, however the student ran out of the classroom saying she had been violated. Then she took to Twitter blowing the whole story up and not telling the whole truth. The truth that she should never have been wearing the hoodie to begin with because she knew it was against the Lake Braddock school policy. In this day and age when a student is wearing a hood no one can be sure of the person's intentions or being able to identify that student and if they are going to cause harm to faculty and other students. In addition since the student in question was wearing a hoodie could not even been positively identified as a student, we believe Mr. Saunders was acting in the best interest and safety of all his students.  All of the students at Lake Braddock Secondary School that know the full story are supporting the actions of Mr. Saunders for looking out for other faculty and students safety and well being.

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